Enrolment Process

What does the enrolment process involve?

Little Gems Child Care Condell Park

Enrolling at Little Gems Chid Care is easy as one, two, and three. Educators are with you every step of the way, and will notify you of the next step to take. You will need to bring along your child’s birth certificate and immunisation book (to be photocopied). First, you will get a tour of the Centre so you can observe the environment, and the different learning opportunities.

Then you will be provided with an enrolment package which includes an enrolment form, an emergency contact form and a parent information sheet. The interviewer will go through the enrolment form with the parent, and discuss a quote for your daily fees. We encourage parents to ask as many questions as they like and we will provide the best possible answer that supports your decision in picking the best Centre for your child. You will be offered 2 pre-enrolment visits where families can bring the child for a 1 hour orientation commencing before the starting date.


You are invited to spend some time at the Centre to settle your child and to get to know the staff and other children. Families are entitled to 2 pre-enrolment visits to familiarize themselves and their child with the routines and daily timetable of the Centre. Parents are required to stay with their child during these visits.

What To Bring

At Little Gems it is essential that all your child’s belongings are clearly labeled to prevent items from being lost and misplaced.

 – Hat: Children need a hate for all year round for outdoor play

– Change of clothes: At least two changes of clothes for your child, being aware of summer and winter clothes. Please also include socks, and shoes. Please dress your child in closed toe shoes.

– Lunch: Children need to bring their own lunch. Little Gems has a policy banned of eggs and nut products. Parents are encouraged to bring in a healthy lunch for the children. Some suggestions may include sandwiches and hot foods such as spaghetti, rice, cultural foods, etc

– Sheets: Rest time requires a fitted sheet, a top sheet (or blanket for the colder weather), and a pillow if you wish. All items need to be labeled individually placed into a pillow case or sheet bag.


How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?

Due to a high demand of good quality care, there may be times when Little Gems have no vacancies at the centre. In order to reserve a placement for your child when one becomes available, you’re advised to completing a Waiting List Form. In order to register on our waiting list there is an administration fee of $10.00. This is a non-refundable and contributes to the cost of record keeping. The waiting list is regularly reviewed by centre educators, and you will be contacted if there is a position available.


    What Parents Say about Little Gems Child Care - Condell Park
    Germaine has projected so much love and care for the children. Being a first time mum and having to let my son go off to pre-school is a big daunting as someone else will be looking after that child… Well Germaine has made this experience and transition an easy one as her loving nature and attentiveness towards my son was mind reasoning as I know he was in the best of care. She’ll get far in life, as her passion, determination and patience will assure her success. Thank you.
    Kate Bastas.
    To Germaine, Thank you so much for your contributions in caring for my kids. You have been a great influence on the kids for the past three years and know you will be great in your own day care. Congratulations and best wishes on your venture. The girl’s wills miss you so much. The other kids are very lucky. God Bless and take care.
    The William/Kere family.
    Dearest Germaine, Thank you for all the joy, love and happiness you have brought to my daughters lives whilst they are in your care. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts. Wishing you a successful future in your new business.
    Love Bailey, Kayla and Jacqui.
    Dear Germaine, Germaine was a lovely staff member to work with. She was creative and motivated in caring and teaching the children. Germaine was very efficient in the day-to-day operations of the centre and always did what was best for the centre and the children. She will be greatly missed and best wishes for the centre.
    Love Sarah.
    To Germaine, Sad to see you go but wishing you all the best in your journey. May your new adventure bring all you want it to with lots of joy and happiness.
    Talila Petaccia and family.
    Dear Germaine, I truly believe you will be successful. God bless you. It has been a pleasure working with you. Through this time it has showed me how much of a genuine, love and caring person you are. Thank you for making my time here easier.
    Love Amanda.
    Dear Germaine, Good luck for your new adventure. Mirabel will miss you. Thank you for the work, love and fun you have done with Mirabel. You made a hard time, easier when she started and she will surely miss you. Kindest Regards,
    Mirabel and family.
    Dear Germaine, Thank you for the wonderful care that you have provided to Tyra and Kobe and for making it so much fun to go to day care. We appreciate the kindness and love you have shared with our children. They will miss you dearly. Best wishes with your new centre.
    Love Carmen and Den.